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módulos . pré-fabricados


70 years making solutions.
In 1943
Founding of the first Movex Group company: Movex Ltd, a metallurgical and metalworking company.
In 1975
Developed the first prototype for prefabricated buildings.
In 1980
Construction starts on a new factory at Arruda dos Vinhos near Lisbon.
In 1981
Year in which Movex, at its new premises, specialized exclusively in the manufacture and assembly of prefabricated buildings.
In 2000
Transformed into Movex SA. Divided into two branche: Sales (through Movex Metallúrgica) and Rental (creating to that effect Movex III). Large investment in research and innovation, offering from this date onwards a quality reference product.
In 2002
Opens Northern Regional Office at Maia.
In 2003
Opens Southern Regional Office at Loulé.
In 2005
Opens Regional Center at Aveiro.
Opens Mozambique Branch.
In 2007
Begins ISO Quality Certification process.
In 2008

May 30

Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certificate by Bureau Veritas Portugal.


Movex Angola created, owned 100% by Movex SA.

The owners of the Movex family businesses decide to start putting the company up for sale. Investors study the possibility of acquiring the company.

December 23

A sale is struck. The Movex Group is acquired, in equal parts, by the Albuquerque Fund, a venture capital investment fund managed by ECS and by a private investor.

December 29

The new owners take over the management of the company, initiating a process of modernization, adapting it to new market requirements and setting ambitious new goals.
In 2009

1st Half

In the first 6 months of 2009, the company is reorganized, with a clear focus on customer service, reinforcing its commercial department and creating a new marketing department.

AThroughout the year and in line with the company’s expansion goals, Movex made a major investment in the Movex modules park, increasing by about 50% and boosting the rental business considerably.

September 1

Completed the merger of former companies (Movex and Movex III) into a single company: Movex - Production, Sale and Rental of Prefabricated Modules, SA.
In addition it creates a new corporate identity, rooted in a more modern, dynamic and appealing image.
In 2010
Movex wins the biggest project in its entire history.
In record time – just 3 months, with 30 days of advance preparation in Portugal – 949 pre-manufactured two-story homes were built over an area exceeding 16,000 m2, using more than 3,000 tonnes of material. The houses were used to accommodate thousands of artists taking part in the World Festival of Black Arts (FESMAN 2010), held in December in Senegal’s capital city of Dakar.
From 2010 to 2012
Movex receives the “SME Excellence” award from the Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation (IAPMEI) and the “SME Leader” award from the bank BPI.
In 2013
Movex launches its latest new product for the housing market: the DOT BOX.