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Latest Works

In Senegal – The largest project in the history of Movex

In record time – just 3 months – Movex erected a multi-coloured "village", consisting of 949 pre-fabricated modules, in an area of around 16,000 m2 and using more than 3000 tons of material.

These modules allowed 800 two-storey T1s and 76 suites to be built, all fully furnished, as well as several support buildings (kitchen, bar, toilets, boutique, gatehouses etc.). The project also involved the construction of 60 staircases, 2000 m of walkways and
more than 20,000 m of sun shades. In the more comfortable rooms, 876 water heaters and 922 air conditioning units were also used.

This is, to date, the largest project that Movex has ever undertaken.

The rooms were used to accommodate the thousands of artists participating in the World Festival of Black Arts and Culture (FESMAN 2010), which was held in December 2010 in Dakar, capital of Senegal, and constituted an event of enormous significance in the African continent.

See some pictures of the development of this extraordinary project, which was a source of great pride for all those who took part in it.