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Movex in Angola

In July 2008, the Movex SA, created its second subsidiary abroad. On that date, was born the Movex Angola Lda, based in Luanda.

Before, Movex had already done several projects in Angola, in which stood out in 2005, a set of Sonangol office buildings within research projects of oil. In 2009, with the entry of new shareholders, has significantly strengthened the investment in
Angola operation, passing the Movex to have your own worksite, recruiting and training many Angolan workers in order to meet all kinds of local requests.

This year happens to its first presence in the most important business fair of Angola – FILDA - which brought a significant increase Movex’s brand awareness and from then recorded a sharp growth of their business.

Since then, Movex Angola Lda has expanded its presence in the country, did work in almost all provinces and participated in the most important projects of the Angolan economy.

Currently, Movex has extended also to its customer base in Angola. In addition to the large Brazilian and Portuguese construction companies operating in the country, are increasingly Angolan companies that have products and services of Movex.

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  • Offices of Sonangol, one of the first works in Luanda