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Movex Moçambique Lda

In 2005, Movex SA, established its first branch abroad, in Mozambique, as part of its entry into this market, working for a consortium led by Mota-Engil and with the participation of Soares da Costa, one of the most emblematic works who took part in: the construction of the bridge over the Zambezi River.

Inaugurated in 2009, officially christened by bridge Armando Emilio Guebuza, was one of the most important works made in Mozambique, making it possible to connect the country from north to south, from Rovuma to Maputo by
facilitating the movement of people and goods, promoting trade and giving new impetus to the Mozambican economy. Participate in a work of this size was a huge pride for Movex.

The arrival of the new and current shareholders of Movex, allowed a clear commitment to internationalization of the company, strengthening investment in Mozambique, in order to monitor major projects underway in the country, under the inexhaustible natural resources that have been detected.

This investment has allowed a sustained growth of Movex Mozambique Lda, which already employs a significant number of Mozambican workers and is increasingly recognized as an important player in the Mozambican economy mainly as a supplier of all types of buildings that make up the worksites of the construction companies.

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  • First work of Movex in Mozambique: Zambezi River Bridge